Mourinho: I Will Missing Gerrard

Mourinho: I Will Missing Gerrard

Mourinho: I Will Missing Gerrard

Mourinho: I Will Missing Gerrard

London – Could get a mockery of the supporters of Chelsea, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard then also get a round of applause from the rival team’s supporters. Jose Mourinho did not miss to give honor to him.

The match at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (05/10/2015) pm last night might be a mixed moment for Gerrard. He started the game lined up alongside his team-mates to give the Guard of Honor to Chelsea, who last week secured their Premier League champions this season.

Certainly Gerrard is still fresh in the memory as well as last season’s embarrassing incident happened to him, in the presence of the same opponents, which in turn interrupted his dream to win the title. At that time he slipped in the middle of the field while trying to receive a pass, the ball was then stolen by Demba Ba is in the process scored.

Liverpool lost 0-2 at that time which was created by Willian another goal in injury time, in front of his own supporters. Not defeat which later became the most memorable things publicly, but the incidence of slipping Gerrard. Because the incident was so obvious symbols of the competition title slipping Liverpool. At the end of the season, ‘The Red’ finally only finish runner-up, two points behind Manchester City.

Then it is not surprising that the incident related taunts Chelsea supporters waged in the game last night. Some supporters mangacungkan images roughly the message ‘Be careful slip again, Gerrard!’. In addition, the singing tone of derision echoed also host a fan sector.

But in the end, Gerrard silenced the shouting himself through his goal against Thibaut Courtois in the 44th minute. The goal was also that saved his team from defeat with equally strong game ended 1-1.

Players 34 years itself did not play a full and pulled out in the 79th minute to be replaced by Lucas Leiva. On his way out of the park, Gerrard getting applause respect of Chelsea supporters, including from Mourinho.

“I’m really happy with it (applause for Gerrard). Singing is a form of respect for him negatively to a favorite enemies, sworn enemies who fought very hard against us in every competition,” said Mourinho after the match as quoted by the BBC.

“After that, applause rose from her fans was amazing. At Anfield, he got it from week to week, year after after year. But to get away while showing a lot of things.”

“Can you get applause at Stamford Bridge was special for Steven Gerrard. We have great respect for the top players. I will miss him,” said the Portuguese.

The game will be the last time playing at Stamford Bridge Gerrard with Liverpool. He had previously been announced will leave his boyhood club was to continue his career with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the United States League.