Vermaelen Targets Can Grazing Two Week Again

Vermaelen Targets Can Grazing Two Week Again

Vermaelen Targets Can Grazing Two Week Again

Vermaelen Targets Can Grazing Two Week Again

Barcelona – competition season was nearing its end, but Thomas Vermaelen has not played in a competitive match with Barcelona. Belgian defender was getting pretty serious injury, but admitted that the injury has been gradually recovering now.

Vermaelen get a hamstring injury before the season starts. Of confession, the injury acquired when strengthen Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

Initially, the injury is not expected worse. However, when he underwent medical tests in Barcelona, ​​it was revealed that the injury could make a long absence.

“There are two options to heal: –But operation was not wajib– or doing exercises as possible to prevent it from getting worse, and the injury is missing,” said Vermaelen as reported by Marca.

“I chose the second option. Therefore, when I first arrived in Barcelona, ​​we’ve talked to a lot of specialists from all over the world and they all say the same thing, the injury is likely to be cured without surgery.”

However, it turns out the option to not do it wrong operation. After months of doing a variety of training methods, the injury does not heal. Vermaelen felt his legs can not be used to play as usual.

In December, Vermaelen finally pick up the operating table. After a successful operation, he is expected to be sidelined for about four months.

“I asked for advice from other specialists, a leading specialist. He said, it might be time for surgery.”

From the news reported by Marca, targeted Vermaelen could play next April. Vermaelen’s own wish to be able to graze in two weeks.

“I want to thank the club, the staff, and the medical team has done an outstanding job. Sorry injury so long, but I hope to be back playing as before,” said Vermaelen.