Advantages Five Points of City Not Big Enough for Mourinho

Advantages Five Points of City Not Big Enough for Mourinho

Advantages Five Points of City Not Big Enough for Mourinho

Advantages Five Points of City Not Big Enough for Mourinho

London – Chelsea is now five points clear of Manchester City in the Premier League two positions, even likely widened to eight points. But the Blues manager, Jose Mourinho, is not considered large enough.

City accepted defeat last weekend to make sure the threat to Chelsea at the top of the Premier League is not increased. Even tend to diminish.

Chelsea, who at that time had to fight in the League Cup final against Tottenham Hotspur, remain five points with one match remaining store more in the league. Seeing this situation, the team made Mourinho the chance to widen the advantage over City finished eight points.

With the competition now, leaving only 12 weeks only for children west London, believed their chances to win the title bigger. However, this advantage is believed Mourinho is still very likely disappear.

“We have a five-point advantage which in this league, the number was not much because every game is very difficult. League is a competition in which not only the results you are counted,” Mourinho told the club’s official website.

“The results of your direct rivals are also important. You can only live a fantastic season and not to win because others are better than you,” he added.

Consistency Chelsea so far add their chances champion. In the calculations, they averaged 2.3 points per game won until today. While the City who finished closest rivals had only an average of 2.04 per game.

The fact that the City recently made its way Chelsea’s faltering towards the league title more spacious. The Citizens are already six times failed to achieve the full amount in the last 10 parties, with details of two defeats and four draws. In the same period, Chelsea failed to win only four times (one lost, three draws).

“When you direct rivals lose points, it’s good for you. So when we lost points, it was good for them. It is part of the Premier League. We lost two points against Burnley, but we did not panic. You have to keep your emotions balanced and kept going, “said Mourinho offensive 1-1 draw against Burnley last played in the league.

“In all circumstances, mathematical calculations play a role. We now have 12 games remaining, six at home and six away games. That means 36 points to fight for,” said he.