Start Hard Beat City, Mourinho turns Mute

Start Hard Beat City, Mourinho turns Mute

Start Hard Beat City, Mourinho turns Mute

Start Hard Beat City, Mourinho turns Mute

Jakarta – The draw between Chelsea and Manchester City make the race for the title of Premier Legaue still be fierce. Rivalry Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini was still fun to follow.

Duel of two candidates for the Premier League champions were rolling on January 31 at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea offset 1-1 by City.

Two goals were created in the first half. Chelsea took the lead through Loic Remy. City reply by David Silva.

But, play in the game not only the creator of goals and the race for the title is still very open. Yes, the draw was made both teams remain within five points. Chelsea bagged 53 points while City 48 points. In addition, two architects team competition also had an exciting rivalry.

After the game, Mourinho did not want to talk. He was present at the press conference after the match. It was so act the Portugal for the second time in the match. He also refused to be interviewed before the game rolling. Nickname The Silent One began back pinned to him.

Pellegrini would have a wider stage to deliver analysis and opportunities City after the draw. The situation was as just repeat last season. But, at that time – with Chelsea winning 2-1 at Stamford Bridge – Pellegrini who refuse to come to the press conference room. He told me not want to shake hands with Mourinho.

In the second half of the season, the City again lost. However, Pellegrini could be puffed up by being able to be champion at the end of the season.

The spat was getting hot again this season. After the duel of two teams at the Etihad Stadium in the first half of the season, Mourinho deliberately call with Pellegrino Pellegrini. Pellegrini countered the Blues are a small team due to appear last.

Mourinho also replied. “Pellegrino has repeatedly said that he was going to say about me and my team, but he’s still repeating,” Mourinho said as quoted by the Telegraph.

Not only that, the two managers were also often an argument about the Financial Fair Play. Mourinho repeatedly flicked if City outsmart the UEFA rules.

“It seems like there are special rules for them in other aspects, but not about the number of players. You know what I mean,” Mourinho said shortly after the official City Wilfried Bony hook with nominal ‘wow’.

Judging by the results of the previous game, the BBC noted, Mourinho still be okay. But lately City began to chase. In the five games that acted, Chelsea twice won. First winning 2-1 at Stamford Bridge and continue during a visit to Qatar.

Then City countered with a 2-0 victory in the FA Cup. This season, in two games, both teams can draw with the same score 1-1.

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