Special nicks Arjen Robben

Special nicks Arjen Robben

Special nicks Arjen Robben

Special nicks Arjen Robben

Paderborn – Arjen Robben contributed a great deal in a landslide victory over Bayern Munich learned Paderborn 6-0 last night. Bayern winger nested goal was to carve a special note for him.

Come to the Benteler-Arena, Saturday (21/02/2015), Robben carved his name on the scoreboard by white dots in the 63rd minute to give Bayern a 3-0 advantage. Previously, Robert Lewandowski scored the party started with the Bavarian club scored a pair of goals.

Franck Ribery then add to the coffers of the visitors’ goal. Mitchell Weiser young players made the score 5-0 before Robben again tore Paderborn to fulfill the goal nets winner Die Roten be half a dozen.

Excerpted from the website of the Bundesliga, thanks to two goals that mean Robben has scored against 17 other teams who follow the league this season.

The Dutch international was at once established itself as the top scorer in the Bundesliga with 16 goals, ahead of Eintracht Frankfurt striker Alexander Meier (14), and teammate Lewandowski (10).

Problem penalty, Robben revealed that it was a gift from Thomas Mueller, who is the executor first Die Roten.

“The penalty was a gift from Thomas,” said Robben on the official club website. “We’ve talked about this before the game.”

“Basti (Schweinsteiger) says: ‘You are on the list of top scorer. So if we get a penalty, you should take it.’ I reminded Thomas about it, and he allowed me to execute a penalty so I want to say thanks to Thomas. ”

With this victory, Bayern increasingly showing ferocity. In the last two league games, Josep Guardiola’s side have scored 14 goals similar to those made for Hamburg this season.

“We are very serious melakoni and not let them create many chances,” Guardiola said after the game. “It’s a tough job against a team with five players on defense.”

“I already told you that I think Paderborn will remain in the Bundesliga, and now I’m sure it will come true.”