Arbeloa Sindir Games Hardware Atletico

Arbeloa Sindir Games Hardware Atletico

Arbeloa Sindir Games Hardware Atletico

Arbeloa Sindir Games Hardware Atletico

Madrid – Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa, quipped tough games that are often exhibited by Atletico Madrid. However, Arbeloa also optimistic Madrid can win this weekend.

Unlike the big teams in modern football, Atletico did not always rely on a high ball control. It has been commonplace Atletico dominated his opponent throughout the game, although the opponent is not stronger than them.

Another feature that also characterize Atletico is the use of a tackle as a method to survive. If a lot of great teams implementing zonal defense and slowly close the space so as not to be exploited opponent, Atletico coach Diego Simeone, just apply a tackle as the main option.

Simeone himself admitted this. He never mentioned, not the primary control of the ball in a tackle football and not something unlawful.

Arbeloa was insinuating it. According to him, Atletico legitimate to do that, anyway they will not be punished as well.

“I think, they do not have to worry about going to the referee about it. In the last 14 derby they had never received a red card,” he said as quoted by Marca.

Since beat Atletico in the final of the Champions League 2013/2014, Madrid has never again subjecting its neighbor. Counted, since the final match, Madrid Atletico met five times in all competitions. The Result? Atletico won three times and the other two games ended in a draw.

“Atletico can beat us in recent years because they perform better. But, we will improve the performance and won the match.”

“There are three points that we seek to further strengthen our superiority in the league,” said Arbeloa.

Madrid currently leads the standings with a value of 54. They are four points clear of Barcelona in second place and seven points over Atletico in third.